Tampa Bay Area Best Practices in Commercial HVAC-R Services

“This company is professional and honest. We own a large gym in Tampa and had to replace both of our AC units. They gave us the best deal and were fast and reliable! When you’re in a gym in Florida and there’s NO AC ……. that’s an EMERGENCY! They treated us like a priority and we appreciated all their hard work and reliability to complete the job! Thanks, guys you were great!! Highly recommend.” – Sarah A.

As much as we love our awesome residential HVAC customers, we have the utmost respect for our fellow business owners who require best practices in commercial HVAC-R services in the Tampa Bay area. With our hot, tropical climate, it is essential that businesses, small, medium, and large, develop a strong working relationship with a reputable air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration contractor.

The benefits of this commercial HVAC-R relationship are far-reaching. Not only will business owners and property managers have peace of mind knowing their HVAC-R investment is always protected under affordable service and maintenance contracts, but they can rest assured that should any problem arise, their business will be a top priority to their commercial HVAC-R contractor in the Tampa Bay area.

At Proficient Air, our service and maintenance contracts are tailored to the business’s needs and location. We do provide service options with bi-annual, quarterly, and custom frequencies, as well, which are based upon a business owner’s needs and the equipment involved.

Specific services that are included under our service and maintenance contracts include:

  • Air Filter Service
  • HEPA Filter Service
  • Building Automation
  • Air-Cooled Chillers
  • Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration
  • Ice Machines
  • Chilled Water Pumps
  • Condenser Water Pumps
  • Controls/Electrical
  • Vacuum System
  • Water Treatment

Our expert HVAC-R service technicians snap photos of each piece of equipment and provide those images along with a detailed report of what they discover to business owners and/or property managers.

For business owners without an HVAC-R maintenance contract, or for those not satisfied with their current contractor, a site survey provides a comprehensive examination of all existing equipment and their functionality.

A site survey report reveals the status of the mechanics and insight into likely repairs that will be needed based on the age and overall efficiency of the equipment. This report costs a nominal fee, however, we allow business owners to pay this fee and seek estimates from other contractors to perform the recommended repairs.

The site survey fee is waived when business owners hire Proficient Air to perform the repairs or sign-up for our commercial maintenance program.

Our professional service technicians perform the following commercial maintenance program services:

  • Oil all motors
  • Grease all bearings
  • Explore all functions
  • Measure all pressures
  • Examine temperatures
  • Verify amps/ohms
  • Inspect all electrical wiring and connections
  • Check alignment on pulleys

Proficient Air commercial maintenance contracts always include a detailed report for each service provided, as well as specific mechanical components and services annually:

  • Air Filter Changes – At the frequency recommended or requested
  • Belt Replacement – One belt change per piece of equipment per commercial property per year
  • Evaporator/Condenser Coil Cleanings – One evaporator and one condenser coil cleaning per unit per year
  • Drain Line/P-Trap Cleanings/Drain Pan Treatments – Drain lines treated during each service call
  • Discounted Contract Labor Rates
  • Automatic Renewal of Annual Contracts – If desired
  • NET 30 Billing – On all repairs and services for contracted customers
  • NTE Limits – Set up Not To Exceed  status to limit equipment downtime

Our maintenance and service contracts pertain to practically all HVAC-R equipment brands and types, making Proficient Air your one-stop shop for commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration needs. We proudly offer installation, repairs, and maintenance of the following:

  • Split Systems
  • Package Units
  • Rooftop Units
  • Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Reach-in Coolers
  • Ice Machines, and more

We take enormous pride in offering honest, timely, and cost-effective solutions to keep your business running with minimal downtime.

Since no two spaces are the same, it is crucial to pay attention to details with sizing and installation to ensure reliable performance and environmental comfort. It is our goal to make a job feel seamless from start to finish.

Code-compliant commercial installations in the Tampa Bay area that are performed by Proficient Air always meet or exceed county and state requirements. Furthermore, we handle all permitting and warranty registration needs for every job, saving business owners time and money.

Aside from comprehensive site surveys with detailed reports, photos, and recommendations; specialty controls, and code-compliant installations, commercial business owners can receive modifications and design work and efficiency consultations, as well. Our exceptional communication, fast response times, and knowledgeable technicians always result in satisfied commercial customers!

Simply put, WE CARE, which results in the development of healthy, long-term commercial client relationships.

If you are a business owner with commercial HVAC-R issues in the Tampa Bay area, Proficient Air honors warranty repairs on most equipment, whether we installed it or not. Warranties only cover parts, however, and are subject to a warranty fee. Labor is an additional charge with warranty repairs. We would be happy to discuss our HVAC-R maintenance contract with you and how it can help save you time and money.

Proficient Air was established in 2010, as a family-owned and operated HVAC-R company in the Tampa Bay area, and we are dedicated to providing our commercial customers with the highest quality, most affordable solutions in HVAC-R service, repairs, installation, and maintenance. At Proficient Air, our customers always come first and consistently receive the personal attention they deserve. Our skillfully-trained technicians provide the best options for our commercial customers, so business owners can trust our commitment to affordable solutions. Our motto stands Efficient Care = Proficient Air!

Proficient Air in Palm Harbor offers a variety of expert commercial air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration solutions, as well as routine maintenance contracts that are specifically tailored to meet commercial needs and budgets. Contact Proficient Air when it’s time for a quote for commercial HVAC-R maintenance, service, repairs, and installation in the Tampa Bay area. 727.386.2732