We offer top-of-the-line Preventative Maintenance Contracts tailored to your needs.

Lower Energy Bills

+ Regular cleanings WILL improve unit efficiency and save you money on your electric bill!

– A dirty condenser coil will cause the compressor to run harder, and will increase your electric bill. If neglected this will cause premature equipment failures.

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Lower Repair Costs

+ Catch small problems before they become big, more expensive problems.

– Preventative maintenance can also detect other issues such as a water leak in a system that could cause damage to the A/C unit or the building structure.

Extended Equipment Life

+ ALL units work best when they are regularly serviced and cleaned. Keeping all the parts in good order means less stress on the overall equipment.

– If one part fails to work as designed, the system will suffer or fail as a whole.

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All of our Preventative Maintenance Contracts include:

  • At least half off the third service
  • Discounted labor rates
  • 15% off parts
  • Trip charges waived *within 25 mile radius
  • An option to add filter service
  • Guaranteed Same Day Service

Preventative Maintenance

Equipment Type Age Recommendations
Residential Equipt. 0-5 yrs Annual Service
Residential Equipt. 5+ yrs Service twice a year (Every 6 months)
Commercial Equipt. ALL Quarterly service (Every 3 months)