When Air Conditioner or Heat System Issues Disrupt the Holidays

When Air Conditioner or Heat System Issues Disrupt the Holidays

With the holidays upon us, you can bet many people will be traveling to our warm, Florida west coast tropical paradise to celebrate with family and friends.  The last thing you need is for the air conditioner or heat pump to fail in the midst of holiday festivities.

Additionally, flocks of snowbirds migrate south for winter months when northern temps plummet and snowflakes begin to fly. They arrive at their Florida winter homes, only to discover the air condenser is not cooling the air properly, the heater smells funny or the air handler is making a strange noise.

You don’t have to look far to find air conditioning companies in Tampa, because the combination of a growing population and consistently hot climate require air conditioning for our very comfort and survival.

The problem is not all HVAC contractors are created equal. Too many fall short of customer expectations due to an abundance of greed, or a lack of knowledge, limited experience, and in some cases, too little manpower.

Of course, there are just as many reputable HVAC companies across Tampa Bay as there are unsatisfactory, which is why it’s important to do your homework and know how to find heating and air conditioning experts who understand the importance of consistently exercising best practices in air conditioning and heating service and installations in Tampa, FL.

Experience Matters

It is always best to choose a well-established business with years of experience in their area of expertise. This is especially true for HVAC specialists.

If repetition is the key to learning, air conditioning service technicians and installers who have gotten their hands dirty time and again, know exactly what to do and have the tools and tricks to handle the job…no matter what challenge!

Services Offered

If an air conditioning business does not offer the services you need, then don’t waste your time contacting them. When you call or submit a message to a business requesting information about an issue, do not assume “that’s what they do.”  Some air conditioning and heating contractors may not repair or perform maintenance on air systems they didn’t install, while others will, for example.

Air Conditioning Installation. Air conditioning systems are major investments for homeowners, so finding experienced installers can mean the difference between a smooth, seamless install and a problematic one with delays and additional expenses.

Residential or commercial, large or small, highly-trained contractors and installers are essential to provide the level of expertise required when selecting the right system for your space and receiving the quality installation required for energy efficiency and performance over the long-term.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repairs

Since an a/c system is such a hefty investment, you want to make sure it operates at its optimum year-round for years to come.  Maintenance is the key to keeping your air system functioning efficiently and effectively year after year.  If repairs are needed, experienced a/c repair technicians will analyze the issue, develop an affordable solution, provide an estimate and execute the repairs without hidden costs or fees.

Whether it is the air conditioner in your home or at the office, it’s important to have repairs made promptly. If the air is not being cooled properly, a mechanical issue is likely to become worse when neglected.

Heat System Installation

It’s true, Floridians do not need to use their heat systems very often, but when the temps dip to levels at which we dig out our sweaters and closed-toed shoes, it is always nice to have a functioning heat system to warm our home.  If a new heat pump or system is in order, it is a costly investment that requires heat system installers with knowledge and experience to recommend the right system the first time.

Finding the appropriate heat pump or another heating system for your residential or commercial needs and budget is possible with the right contractor.  They should be able to recommend quality products and experienced installers for a cozy, warm finish!

Heat System Maintenance & Repairs

Like air conditioning, heating components require maintenance to keep them clean and operating properly when you need them.  If a heating system fails, making repairs a necessity, find a heater repair technician who is trustworthy, honest and experienced with your type of heating unit to avoid unnecessary delays and added expenses.

There’s little worse than being cold and not having an operable heat source. Maintain your current system with regular maintenance, and if/when the need arises for repairs, do your due diligence and get estimates from reputable HVAC technicians for a successful service call.

Quality Products

If you do intend to buy a new air conditioning or heating system or air quality product, you should make sure your investment is spent wisely.  Most HVAC companies work with named brands with which we are all familiar. You can do your research on which brands you prefer, but it is also helpful to obtain recommendations from respected, reliable air conditioning and heating contractors. They know and understand what systems experience the most issues, and they know how energy efficiency and overall performance makes a difference.

Competitive Pricing

It is widely understood that installation, maintenance, and repairs of any air system can be a major budgetary concern. Here’s where honest air conditioning contractors in Tampa, FL, are most important for customers.  One way to tell if a contractor is being honest with you is to get second and third opinions from competitors. If an HVAC company is being honest with you, they won’t mind if you get estimates for the job. However, just because a company offers a lower price, it doesn’t mean they are the best-qualified choice.

Read reviews of air conditioning companies and select those with solid reviews from customers they’ve served. Word of mouth referrals are always a great way to determine if someone will be honest and fair about products, costs, and labor.

Financing options can make a big difference to families on fixed budgets. Most people do not have the ability to pay for a new air conditioner outright. Established air conditioning companies often offer creative financing for air system products and installation to make the financial commitment much easier to manage. Some restrictions may apply, but it never hurts to explore financing


Today’s world requires we all take time to think about our climate and energy conservation. The more we can reduce our personal carbon footprint, the better it will be for our environment. HVAC companies who offer products and services that support environmental efforts is an important consideration. The majority of air system products are built with energy-efficiency in mind, but it is always worth the time to consider the most energy-efficient, environmentally sound products available.

Positive Reviews

As stated above, positive and negative reviews provide valuable insight when we go in search of the best products and services available. Google and Facebook reviews are, obviously, the most popular, but others include Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and other industry-specific apps and rating services.

We are particularly proud and thankful for the reviews we have received from grateful customers:

“Lifesavers!! That’s the best way to describe Proficient Air! Their entire team is amazing – honest – reliable – friendly – the list goes on & on…… I have since used them not only in my home – but at my office as well. If they can save your unit – they will! I totally trust Jen & her team! If you have any AC issues – give them a call!!” – Melissa A

“A big thank you to Proficient Air for coming out fast and not only being honest great guy Kody is but he showed us something nobody else took the time to care and tell us. Thank you so much and did I mention how neat and clean they are? If you have not used Proficient Air I would highly recommend next time your AC is in need to call the best Proficient Air”. – Kim K

“Thank you so much to Jen & Kody at Proficient Air for arranging a spontaneous early morning house call due to a burning plastic/electricity smell in our house which only occurred while the heat was on. I had to leave before Kody arrived, but felt comfortable to leave my home open for him to inspect our system. He was very professional and honest…explained to me what the issue was and advised that I needed to contact an electrician immediately as the wiring was incorrect and could burn our house down. He also followed up at the end of the day to be sure my issue had been resolved and even spoke to the electrician to give him details he observed. I appreciate the honesty and integrity and will definitely refer them to clients. As a real estate agent who has many clients who don’t live here permanently, I feel comfortable referring my clients to Proficient Air for excellent service”. Coni R

Hopefully, these beneficial tips will help you select the most qualified, honest and reliable air conditioning and heating company for your needs during the holiday season and beyond because it will likely have a major impact on the long-term performance of your air system investment.

Proficient:  Well advanced in an art, occupation or branch of knowledge

That’s who we are. Proficient. Well advanced in our occupation and branch of knowledge, which is air conditioning and heating system service and installation in Tampa, FL. We take great pride in providing meticulous service at affordable prices to each and every customer, each and every time!

Proficient Air in Palm Harbor offers quality, efficient, reliable products, installations, repairs and maintenance contracts that perfectly fit your needs and budget.  Protect your HVAC system investment and keep your home and family cool when it’s hot or warm when it’s cool, with Proficient Air. Call us today: 727.386.2732


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