Proficient Air Offers Affordable Solutions for HVAC Storm Damage

Proficient Air Offers Affordable Solutions for HVAC Storm Damage

Whether Elsa was categorized as a tropical storm or a low-level hurricane, she seemed to pack more heavy wind and rain than lightning in the Tampa Bay area recently.

That said, Elsa’s strong winds and torrential downpours may have negatively impacted your outdoor air compressor, or if you had trees that brought down power lines, your air handler or air conditioner’s electrical system may have been compromised. In both of these cases, Proficient Air provides affordable solutions for HVAC storm damage in the Tampa Bay area.

The following storm conditions have the potential to damage your central air conditioning in a variety of ways.

Strong Winds

The problem with tropical-force winds is their very strength, which can knock the condenser off its concrete slab making it a dangerous projectile.  Additionally, they carry airborne debris, large and small, that can damage the compressor’s metal casing, the fan’s grill, and potentially, the fan blades if debris gets forced into the metal housing.


If debris gets thrown against the outdoor compressor by wind or water, or worse, is forced inside the metal housing, it can block the air vents, and damage fan blades, electrical components, and refrigerant lines. Also, yard décor, weeds, rodents, bird nests, anything that comes in contact with the compressor or minimizes the airflow to the unit, will inhibit the air conditioner from operating efficiently; as well as promote mold growth, which compromises the integrity of the internal components.


Living in Florida, we do experience flash flooding after severe and tropical storms, and even more so, after hurricanes hit. There is nowhere for the water to do go, but wherever it naturally flows. When torrential rainfalls, the air conditioning compressor is constructed to handle the water. Flooding, on the other hand, can cause serious damage to your central air conditioning system. You can cover your outdoor compressor with something other than plastic, in an effort to protect it from becoming submerged in heavy floodwaters. However, the best idea is to create a drainage system that will channel the water away from the air conditioner

Remember: If the compressor is compromised by floodwaters, DO NOT power it on when the waters recede! Contact Proficient Air and one of our highly-trained, air conditioning service technicians will professionally inspect the unit first.


Our tropical climate is particularly prone to higher levels of humidity, especially before, during, and after seasonal storms. If your air conditioner is functioning properly, it efficiently cools and removes moisture from the air, so your home or office climate feels less muggy and much more comfortable. An inefficient air conditioner will work harder to remove the moisture, which shortens the life of the air conditioning unit and drives up energy costs. Moreover, if your air conditioning unit is too small for your residence, it may not have the ability to remove all of the moisture in the air. A dehumidifier may work for your space, but regular air conditioning maintenance can identify efficiency issues to help protect your HVAC investment and your family’s home comfort.

After a Storm

Now that we understand the key elements of severe weather that can negatively impact your air conditioning unit, there are things you can do after severe storms to troubleshoot damage to the unit and prevent lapses in functionality once electricity is safely restored.

Uncover the Outdoor Central Air Conditioning Compressor

After a powerful tropical storm or hurricane and before you restore power to your air conditioning unit, check for damage from flying debris and flooding from extreme rain. If you notice damage of any kind, contact the professionals at Proficient Air before turning your air conditioner back on for a professional damage assessment.

Check Air Conditioner Components

In the event of power outages and excess lightning, be sure to closely examine the electrical components to make sure they were not compromised. If you are unsure, a highly-trained air conditioner technician knows what to look for to give you peace of mind.

Call for Professional Assistance after Flooding

As stated above, if you have experienced flooding and the air conditioner compressor has been submerged in water, DO NOT restore power to the unit or you could escalate the damage. It is recommended you call your air conditioning specialists in the Tampa Bay area, Proficient Air, to inspect the system first.

We encourage you to adhere to a regular air conditioning maintenance program to keep your air system running effectively and efficiently, especially after severe storms and hurricanes. Our Proficient Air service technicians are expertly trained to inspect the primary components of all brands of air conditioners, identify issues, and offer affordable solutions, even if we didn’t install the system.

As a reminder, you will always want to super-cool your home before severe storms arrive in the event of power outages; shut down your ac unit during electrical storms to decrease damage due to power surges, and NEVER cover your outside compressor with plastic or a tarp while your air conditioner is running!!

With Proficient Air, you can rest assured your family will stay cool and comfortable, before, during, and after severe storms and hurricanes. Homeowners who try to save money by doing ac repairs and maintenance themselves can cause many more problems than solutions. Not only will DIY air conditioner repairs and maintenance void existing warranties, but you may also do irreparable damage to the system components.

Aside from changing the air filters, it is advised that you always contact a professional air conditioning contractor to perform critical repairs and maintenance to keep your warranties intact and to keep your air conditioner functioning at its optimum.

If your air conditioner is under warranty, Proficient Air honors warranty repairs on most equipment, whether we installed it or not. Warranties only cover parts, however, and are subject to a warranty fee. Labor is an additional charge with warranty repairs.

Proficient Air was established in 2010, as a family-owned and operated air conditioning company in the Tampa Bay area, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest, most affordable solutions in HVAC repairs and maintenance, without sacrificing quality. At Proficient Air, our customers always come first and consistently receive the personal attention they deserve. Our skillfully-trained technicians provide the best options for residential and commercial customers, so the best, most informed decisions can be made. Our motto stands: “Efficient Care = Proficient Air.”

Proficient Air in Palm Harbor offers a variety of high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions, as well as routine maintenance contracts that are specifically tailored to meet your needs and budget. Contact Proficient Air when it’s time for air conditioning and heating maintenance, air conditioner and heater repairs, and new air conditioning or heat system installation in the Tampa Bay area. 727.386.2732