Proficient Answers for Your FAQ’s

Proficient Answers for Your FAQ’s

We have made hundreds of service calls to inspect damaged air conditioning units following summer storms and lightning strikes in the Tampa Bay area this season.

Moreover, we have visited many homes built during the early years of the millennium, that have failing air conditioners after a lack of routine maintenance and continuous operation in our intense summer heat year after year.

No matter what the situation, it seems homeowners and commercial business clients have many of the same questions. The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, and our Proficient answers for you:

What is the normal lifespan of a new air conditioning system?

The life of a new air conditioner unit depends primarily on how well it is maintained.  In Florida, air conditioners are overworked by the heat and elements. By understanding the importance of air conditioning maintenance in Tampa, and adhering to your recommended maintenance schedule, your central air conditioning investment will pay itself off well under its lifespan, allowing it to operate at optimum energy efficiency for years to come. Keep in mind, when an air conditioning unit has to work harder, it will require system service, repairs, or replacement more frequently.

What is SEER, and why does it matter?

If energy efficiency is important to you, SEER matters. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a calculation of the seasonal amount of BTUs required for cooling, divided by the seasonal watt-hours utilized. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the air conditioner will be. Governmental standards require a SEER rating of 14. To be considered an Energy Star product, the SEER rating must be 14 or higher.

What is air conditioner tonnage, and why is that so important?

Energy Vanguard shared a humorous story about an elderly woman that misinterpreted what an air conditioning contractor told her about their need to install a four-ton ac unit to cool her home. The senior lady seemed shocked, as she could not understand how they would get such a large piece of equipment into her backyard!

The fact is, tonnage in air conditioner terms does not refer to its weight. A one-ton air conditioning system is a measurement of its capacity to remove a certain amount of heat (12,000 BTUs) from the indoor climate in an hour.

For example, “A 4-ton air conditioner is one that can remove 48,000 BTUs of heat per hour from the house. For most people, though, 4 tons means 8000 pounds. (A BTU is a British Thermal Unit, approximately the amount of heat you get from burning one kitchen match all the way down),” the Energy Vanguard article states.

“If you have a ton of ice, it takes (143 BTU/lb) x (2000 lbs) = 286,000 BTUs to melt it completely. You could do that in one hour or 10 hours or a year, depending on how quickly you pump heat into it. Somewhere along the line, though, someone decided to use 1 day—24 hours—as the standard time reference here. If the ice melts uniformly over the 24 hours, it absorbs heat at the rate of 286,000 / 24 hrs = 11,917 BTU/hr. Rounding that number up makes it a nice, round 12,000 BTU/hr. In air conditioning jargon, then, a ton of AC capacity is equal to 12,000 BTU/hr. There it is.”

Are certain HVAC brands superior to others?

Various factors must be taken into consideration, such as the size of your residence and your budget. The expert installation technicians at Proficient Air proudly and properly install air conditioning units from the industry’s leading residential and commercial air conditioner manufacturers. If you require new air conditioner installation in the Tampa Bay area, we help you choose the most energy-efficient unit and environmentally friendly products for your home or business, and one year of FREEquality maintenance is always included as a courtesy to our customers. We look forward to discussing your current HVAC needs and your options for a new air conditioning system.

What conditioner brands does Proficient Air support?

We are committed to providing superior customer service and support for all HVAC brands, but we take pride in being a member of the dealer network for industry leader, YORK® residential and commercial HVAC products.

“At YORK®, comfort is more than a feeling – it’s a promise: to innovate, to assure and, most of all, to deliver. We leverage our unparalleled residential dealer network and world-class commercial support services to lead the industry. At YORK®, ensuring your comfort is at the heart of everything we do, and everything we make. That’s why YORK® home comfort systems are built for the way you live – to be more efficient, easier to use, and more reliable. “

Our business is to ensure exceptional home comfort for you and your family, and YORK® delivers. YORK® currently includes a 10-year PARTS AND LABOR warranty with residential installations.

Proficient Air is also a Comfortmaker® Dealer, providing an additional choice of quality product options for our customers. Made by the same engineers who produce Carrier systems, Comfortmaker® air conditioners and heating products provide the same quality for a cheaper price.

“When you choose Comfortmaker® heating and cooling equipment, you’re choosing enhanced dependability and innovation in home comfort. We are proud to give you the latest in engineering and technology. Our products are designed to deliver the best in quality, energy efficiency, and reliability, and each is 100% run tested. We take pride in surpassing your expectations and delivering quality you can feel,” boasts their website.

Are there tax credits available for more energy-efficient air conditioning systems?

We all want to maximize our tax savings, and the federal government understands the importance of passing along important tax credits for energy efficiency as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

“If you have made any qualifying home improvements to your primary residence since December 31, 2017, or plan to in 2021, you are eligible to claim them on your taxes for those years,” according to ENERGY STAR.

“Looking for the ENERGY STAR label makes it easy to identify products for your home that save energy, save money, and help protect the climate. ENERGY STAR certified equipment that is eligible for tax credits” includes central air conditioning systems and air-source heat pumps, each of which would qualify for a $300 tax credit.

Now maybe the right time to upgrade an older HVAC system to one that is more energy-efficient and take full advantage of federal tax savings.

Why is important to hire a licensed HVAC contractor?

We live in a DIY society, and it seems everyone is all about doing it themselves for a sense of instant gratification. However, when it comes to electrical appliances and especially a major investment like a central air conditioner or heat pumps, it is always best to hire a licensed HVAC contractor in the Tampa Bay area to tackle regular maintenance, repairs, and new system installations.

Not only do professional air conditioning contractors know the specifications and inner workings of each system component, no matter what the brand, but they are also highly qualified and trained to accurately assess each situation thoroughly and provide the best, most affordable solutions that will save you time and money, as well as protect existing warranties.

If you have additional questions we have not addressed, you need routine maintenance for your existing air conditioner, or it’s time to invest in a more energy-efficient HVAC system, feel free to use our Ask a Technician website feature, or contact the experts at Proficient Air to schedule an appointment.

Proficient Air in Palm Harbor offers a variety of high-quality air conditioning and heating systems, as well as routine maintenance contracts that are specifically tailored to meet your needs and budget. Contact Proficient Air when it’s time for air conditioning and heating maintenance, air conditioner and heater repairs, and new air conditioning or heat system installation in the Tampa Bay area. 727.386.2732

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