4 Creative Financing Options for Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs

4 Creative Financing Options for Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs

Let’s face it. The majority of residents in the Tampa Bay area do not have cash readily available to make a major purchase, such as a central air conditioning system. In Florida, air conditioning is definitely a necessity, but when a system fails and your budget is tight, what can you do?

Perhaps, you’ve heard how difficult it can be to get credit, and how interest makes a major purchase even more expensive. Yet, in all actuality, these are myths we can dispel, thanks to our partnership with Synchrony.

Busting the Myths Pertaining to Financing

Myth: Consumers don’t need financing for air conditioning units.

Fact: As stated above, not every customer has a bank balance that can cover a major investment in a central air conditioner system in the Tampa Bay area. That’s why Proficient Air, in conjunction with Synchrony, offers promotional financing options so consumers can afford to make a large purchase and pay over time. Air conditioning is critical in Florida, so having a finance plan that works for practically any budget makes this important investment much more attainable.

Myth: Consumers must pay interest with financing offers.

Fact: Synchrony statistics show 79% of customers who have used a deferred-interest promotional financing offer for an air conditioning system paid the balance during the term of the promotion and accrued no interest.

Myth: Consumers with marginal credit cannot get approved for financing.

Fact: Stats show 72% of customers who applied for financing through Synchrony were approved; and more than 7.4 million accounts were approved over a 12-month period, suggesting financing is a very useful tool for customers who need it to make a large purchase. As long as your credit score with TransUnion is 600-699, or higher, you qualify!

Myth: Processing a financing application is a slow, complicated process.

Fact: 85% of Synchrony cardholders have found the financing process simple, fast and easy!

Myth: Personal information is at risk whenever credit accounts are used.

Fact: 86% of Synchrony credit holders say they feel comfortable applying for and using promotional financing through a retailer-specific credit card. Additionally, 65% of major product shoppers say they use credit accounts as a measure of protection for their purchases.

Myth: Younger generations are not interested in credit or financing.

Fact:  Synchrony stats indicate 54% of Millennials, ages 24-39, own and use at least one credit card, so financing an ac system is a welcome option for most.

Proficient Air is making central air conditioner financing easier and more affordable by offering four creative financing options underwritten by Synchrony.

Deferred-Interest for 18 Months

The most popular plan we offer at Proficient Air is an option to defer interest for 18 months. If the balance is paid-off within 18 months you don’t pay interest. However, if you fail to pay the balance by the end of 18 months, the deferred interest amounts to  26.99% APR.

9.99% APR, Fixed Monthly Payments

Our second most popular plan is the reduced 9.99% APR and fixed monthly payments equal to 1.25% of the promotional purchase amount, until the balance is paid in full. This plan gives customers the lowest monthly minimum payment, with the benefit of being able to pay the balance early. Just like a mortgage, the monthly payment includes the interest and the principle. If a customer chooses to pay more to eliminate the balance sooner, no problem! There is no pre-payment penalty and it is applied straight to the principal.

7.99% APR, Fixed Monthly Payments

The third plan offered at Proficient Air is a reduced 7.99% APR with fixed monthly payments equal to 2.00% of the promotional purchase amount.

5.99% APR, Fixed Monthly Payments

The fourth plan we offer is a reduced 5.99% APR with fixed monthly payments equal to 3.00% of the promotional purchase amount.

Having a variety of financing options for our customers is very important, because, when an air conditioner or air handler fails in Florida, it can be a matter of life and death. The intense Florida heat can result in headaches, nausea, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, especially in aging adults. Financing through Proficient Air is a simple, easy way to maintain your home comfort and stay within your budget.

When you submit a credit application to Proficient Air, it only takes a matter of minutes to secure your approval for financing.

You can use this credit for the installation of a brand new air conditioning system or to cover necessary repairs. Having these options helps individuals and families on a tight budget, or for those who want to maximize their energy savings and improve their air quality by purchasing a new, high-efficiency air conditioning unit, or accessories like UV lights, whole house filters and more.

Once you are approved for financing, you can use the credit for a single purchase or save some to utilize for future home repairs and improvements, too. Plus, there are no pre-payment penalties, should you choose to pay it off early.

If your air conditioning system is not under warranty, is not performing well or it has completely failed, you can get what you want and need, preserve your budget and your home comfort, thanks to creative financing options at Proficient Air.

If your ac system is covered under a warranty, Proficient Air honors warranty repairs on most equipment, whether installed by us, or not. Warranties only cover parts, however, and are subject to a warranty fee. Labor is an additional charge with warranty repairs. If your air conditioner is not under warranty, we happily provide a FREE diagnostic assessment with approval of recommended repairs for new customers.

Proficient Air in Palm Harbor offers a variety of high-quality air conditioning systems, as well as routine maintenance contracts, that are specifically tailored to your needs and budget. If you are in the market for a new air conditioner system installation, or you need air conditioner repairs, and one of our financing options appeals to you, call Proficient Air today to quickly and easily submit a credit application and know within minutes when we can get started on your project: 727.386.2732