What to Know Before Buying Chillers for Breweries?

Over the years, cooling systems used in the industry have improved significantly. Part of the advancements in technology is due to the use of glycol in these systems. A large part of glycol chillers is widely used in the brewing industry. Breweries require rigorously controlled temperatures and conditions. Also, its maintenance has to be consistent since any fluctuation can negatively affect the degree of excellence of the product. It is for these reasons that propylene glycol chillers help to regulate equipment temperatures.

Glycol chillers operate at temperatures below the freezing point of water. As a result, they can store products and keep them cool for long hours without the need for any costly maintenance. These cooling systems have made it easier and less expensive to make quality products without continually checking the cooling process. When you choose a reputed brand for buying Chillers for Breweries, you can ensure long-lasting operations. However, various other factors must be considered when selecting a chiller for your brewery. Some of them are:

Size of chillers:

Size is one of the most significant factors to consider when selecting chillers. A chiller that is too small will not cool your equipment or material properly. On the other hand, if a chiller is too large, it will not meet the refrigerant’s requirements. As chillers come in various sizes, it is important to use a chiller size calculator for accurate size estimation.

Industrial Grade Performance:

An industrial-grade chiller uses a cooling technology that can efficiently handle even the most demanding brewing processes. These cooling units use a fluid that can effectively cool the equipment through the various cycles. So, when choosing a chiller for your brewery, select a robust one that can perform without compromising the product quality.


As the price of chillers varies from one manufacturer to the other, carefully compare the rates and weigh your options before purchasing them. Also, know about the company’s experience, reputation, after-sales service, and warranty before making the final decision.

Furthermore, chillers offered by reputed manufacturers have built-in safety features that monitor the temperature of brews at all times. These temperature controllers give real-time feedback via an LED interface. In addition, companies offer a range of low-temperature chillers that can suit any brewery size. Moreover, when choosing Chillers for Breweries, consider the level of control that suits your brewing process. You can ask for custom programming options that can control your operations.

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